My name is Annabel Ruffell and I am the founder of Journey for Earth, a global awareness company committed to inspiring change for humanity, the environment and animals, one choice at a time.

The intention with these interviews is that they inspire people to take action in any way that they can for our planet – humanity, environment, animals and also to inspire us to be the best that we can be on our journey through life, for ourselves, our community and our world.

Interviews – in person and written

1) Alexandra Paul, actress, activist, athlete

2) Troy Casey, Certified Health Nut!

3) Frank Gjata, Life Coach, founder of

4) Sara Fancy, founder of Silver Horses Healing Ranch

5) Windy Borman, Director and Producer of “The Eyes of Thailand” elephant documentary

6) Jim and Jamie Dutcher, who have won 3 Emmys for their films about wolves

7) Hala Khouri, yoga teacher, somatic counselor, activist and parent

8) Peter Wallerstein, director of Marine Animal Rescue Project in LA

9) Dr. Wallace “J” Nichols, scientist (sea turtle biology and marine conservation), activist, author and dad

10) Leilani Münter, racecar driver, environmentalist, animal advocate, accomplished public speaker

11) Johnny O’Callaghan, meditation therapist, actor and parent

12) Tommy Rosen, yoga teacher for addiction recovery

13) Jennifer Black, author and illustrator of childrens books, mother

14) Lisa Schultz, mother and founder of The Whole 9 art gallery and The Peace Project

15) Lisa Druxman, Mompreneur, founder of, expert in pre/postnatal fitness

16) Gene Baur, founder of the nations largest farm animal protection organization

17) Lisa Wilson, founder of The Raw Food Institute, mother to 3 children talks health, healing and vaccines

18) Jason Frahm, healing pratitioner, yoga teacher, shaman, founder of The At-Onement Project

19) Jolette Jai, Peaceful Parenting Coach and founder of The Jai Institute for Parenting

20) Liz Marshall, award winning director about her latest documentary “The Ghosts in our Machine”

21) Mark Eisenhart, sponsored athlete, actor, transformational speaker

22) Isabelle von Fallois, who healed from advanced leukemia and is the founder of Angel Life Coach Training

23) Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter, owners of Esther the Wonder Pig

24) Anna Breytenbach, professional animal communicator

Written Interviews only

1) Heidi Cave, mother, author, motivational speaker on surviving a car accident

2) Anita Davis Sullivan, inspiring mother, on having Hope, and her missing brother

3) Frank Bruynbroek, rescued dog photographer, founder of

4) Lisa Wilson, mother, preschool director

5) Dr. Reese Halter, conservation biologist, author, public speaker

6) Gail Brenner, clinical psychologist and blogger

7) Chris Akin, founder of the Base Project in Africa which focuses on creating fair trade work

8) Clive Stockil, wildlife expert, and recipient of The Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa

9) Kerrie Wolter, founder of VulPro – Vulture Conservation in South Africa

10) Lori Deschene, founder of TinyBuddha – Simple wisdom for complex lives

11) Jo-Anne McArthur, award-winning photojournalist

12) Lynn Hasselberger, mother, environmental advocate, truth seeker, health nut

13) Kendra Bybee, 29 year old stroke survivor

14) Conor Ibrahiem, racial equality advocate

15) Jules Blaine Davis, busy parent, food blogger, kitchen healer

16) Ruxandra Micu, 22 year old inspiring vegetarian food blogger

17) Marisa Miller Wolfson, mother, director of award-winning documentary “Vegucated”

18) Julien Fruchier, founder of Adventurous Inc.  – helping people make more mindful everyday choices

19) Felisa Holmberg, founder of Horses Hope for Humanity – Healing with horses

20) Bruce Heinemann, American Landscape Photographer and Cancer Survivor

What Journey are YOU on?

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