As a single parent I know how hard it is to live…survive on a budget…but we can still educate ourselves and make informed choices about the food we are buying for ourselves and our families…where it comes from, how it impacts our minds and bodies and also how our choices impact the world around us. I was interviewed for the documentary Hunger in America narrated by Desperate Housewives star James Denton where I talk about buying healthy food on a budget. 

It is my goal to share my passion on these topics with as many people (adults and teens) as possible and hopefully inspiring others to make changes in their lives, for themselves, their families and their world. 

So I created H.E.A.R.T. Action talks, which I have given at Agape Spiritual Church, schools, parent/kid events, spiritual and wellness centers.

HEART Action Talks

So what exactly is Heart Action?

It’s about food…and more than food.

It’s about…

Health. Education. Animals. Responsibility. Today.

It’s about eating and making choices for your heart and from your heart…

It’s about asking questions…

And it’s about being aware of how each and every choice you make affects the world around you.

To find out more go here 

I also give HEART Action Consultations – where I help people make informed and empowered food choices 🙂

Click here for more info

This is exciting! The more knowledgeable you become, the more empowered you become in your choices! Take HEART Action and your HEART will thank you in every way!

What Journey are YOU on?

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