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My name is Annabel Ruffell and I am the founder of Journey for Earth, a global awareness company committed to inspiring change for humanity, the environment and animals, one choice at a time.

I came across a flyer in town for Holistic Healing for Children. I was intrigued and went to the website. I loved the work that Terri and Jacqui are doing to help children and their families heal and knew I had to interview them and share their important work!

TerriJacquiHolistic Healing 4 Children offers a variety of complementary and alternative modalities to children over the age of 5 years and upwards.  Their main objective is to work on healing and balancing the mind and body. Our goal is to help children become aware of their own strengths and to provide them with strategies and support necessary for them to succeed by overcoming problems.

Terri Allen and Jacqui Gray (Child Therapists) have a vast experience of working with children. They are UK Trained and certified by OFSTED UK.  As a result of their combined experience they have developed a children’s book called “My Magical Garden,” which taps into the child’s subconscious and is a valuable part of their approach.

They are passionate about helping children and this passion has intensified, as more and more children seem to be suffering with emotional issues.

It is their belief that the mind is a very powerful healing instrument and by balancing the mind and the body it will have a profound effect on healing the emotions of the child, helping to restore the body back to a peaceful harmony.

Their goal is to help as many children as possible and empower them by introducing strategies and techniques that they can use to help themselves.


1. Share with us your journey to creating Holistic healing 4 children…what inspired you?

The thing that has inspired us the most to create Holistic Healing 4 Children is seeing an ever-increasing need for children to be given a voice and support for the parents. To help the child help themselves and more importantly to help the entire family work together to bring about change that is needed to create balance and harmony. Many children’s lives are being rushed, less freedom then ever before, a big emphasis on academic achievement and the family not always having the time to be together. Creating Holistic Healing has given us the means to find out what is going on for the child and the family, to open the parents eyes and to help them all make the necessary changes.

2. How exactly does Holistic healing therapy benefit a child and can you give an example of an issue that was resolved/healed with your therapy? How did the child’s behaviour shift?

Holistic Healing 4 Children offers a variety of complementary and alternative modalities, which focus on healing the mind and body.

We offer:

 – Guidance and support to address difficult behaviors, such as anxiety, depression, anger, fear, insomnia, bed-wetting, low self-esteem, frustration, plus helping to achieve school success.

 – To help children to recognize their own strengths and provide them with the help and support necessary for them to succeed by overcoming their problems. 

 – To deepen your family connections, and bring ease, warmth and joy back to your relationships with your children.

 – Valuable advice and practical tips on how to keep your family connected and balanced.


I happened upon Holistic Healing For Children site while searching the internet for alternative approaches to occupational therapy for sensory-sensitive kids. I immediately felt that intuitive sense that these women were people that we absolutely had to contact. Their description of the common misunderstanding of sensitive kids really hit home with me, and their expertise and peacefulness put me at ease. We communicated via email due to our time difference, and I was intrigued at the level of detail they wanted to know regarding our family’s lives. When Terri & Jacqui asked about my daughter, although I’d never even told them that I had one, I knew that their intuition and other amazing abilities were very real. My husband and I were particularly fascinated by the analysis of our son’s drawings. Terri & Jacqui’s gentle yet clear recommendations about how to begin helping our son heal spiritually were fascinating, exciting, and incredibly rewarding as we saw incredible improvements in our son’s disposition and behavior after just a couple of weeks. But the most beautiful part of it all was that the instructions also applied to our entire family, and actually to the whole world! We were opened up to a whole new way of thinking about physical manifestations of inner hurts that need healing. We are honored to have been touched by them.

Nick and Kim Plancich

Temecula, CA, USA

3. Why do you feel more and more children seem to be suffering with emotional issues?

In a nutshell we feel it’s due to a fast paced life, drugs, diet and the way our food is produced, family dynamics, and the educational system looks mostly at the academic achievement and not the holistic side of things.

4. A lot of parents are under pressure these days with one thing or another…How can they best work towards understanding their children’s emotions when they might not even understand their own and why they are behaving in a certain way?

Holistic Healing 4 Children see an enormous importance of working with the entire family for this very reason. The child shows the way for the family. The problem with the child is a reflection of what is going on around them. ie: School or family issues. We help the parents to understand their child’s emotions better which in turn helps them understand their emotions.  Children are a parents greatest teacher.  If a parent is willing they can lean a great deal from their child.

5. Tell us about your book: “My Magical Garden”…

My Magical Garden Book_lnd_sm1.pdfMy Magical Garden has been designed for children of the age of 4yrs and upwards. Not only is it a beautifully illustrated book for children to enjoy but it is also a wonderful resource for parents and professionals alike.

It is a simple, effective and no invasive approach, which allows the adult to understand the needs of the child but the choices they make on each illustrated page of the book. My Magical Garden also encourages a child to tap into their pic2imagination by getting them to create their own magical garden, giving them a safe place to go in their mind during times of stress, fear, sadness, when things are difficult at home or school or just when they need to escape their busy life. We use this book in our one-to-one session as its give us a lot of information where the child is emotionally and it sets the pace for the session.  Our book is now selling at Thunderbolt Book Store, Santa Monica, LA.



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