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My name is Annabel Ruffell and I am the founder of Journey for Earth, a global awareness company committed to inspiring change for humanity, the environment and animals, one choice at a time.

I love Tania’s work – her beautiful art and sacred tattoo designs and mission to help others live with more joy, love and awareness. I am honored to share her journey.

tania marie4Tania Marie is an international Reiki Master Teacher, Author, Visionary Artist, Sacred Tattoo Designer, and Experiential Facilitator. With over 25 years’ experience in healing arts and metaphysical studies, Tania supports people globally to find inspiration and empowerment, and to live with more joy, love, and conscious awareness. An inspirational catalyst and bridge worker, Tania is also the creator of Emerald Bridge – a compassionately conscious business that fuses visionary services and creations focused on a journey of the heart. Her ground-breaking book, “Spiritual Skin”, is creating a transformative wave across the world, as it creates a new paradigm bridge between physical and spiritual through a thorough, integratively healing, and excitingly new exploration of sacred tattoos. 




1) What Journey are You on?

Spiritual Skin CoverA continually evolving journey. One that involves much undoing in order to “be” my most natural expression of this part of Source that I am, which I believe holds a space for others to do the same in creatively unlimited ways. My personal journey has involved: Being willing to feel EVERYTHING and unveil layer by layer so that I can reveal my most vulnerable and authentic me that excites at continual discovery. Remaining a child while expressing and exploring creative energy and challenging my imagination to create my own reality. Living an inspired, free-spirited life, traveling the world to bridge connections. Constantly being in wonder of both Nature and the Cosmos to keep myself balanced and fully merging the experience of the spiritual through physical. Keeping mindfully present of consistently “walking the walk” of my beliefs, always reflecting on if my actions and words are moving together as one. Living my life as an example of what is possible by challenging myself, never living as though I have arrived at some idealized end result of which there isn’t, and always seeing the gift and message in every experience. Transforming what once “was” and the idea of impossible. Cultivating authentic beauty that resides as a treasure within. Creating life as a work of art.

2) What has been one of your greatest challenges over the years, either with the work that you do or in another area of your life, and how did you overcome it?

It is challenging to pick just one, but I feel they are connected – vulnerability, creating boundaries, and voicing my truth (fear of speaking). The process to move the energy of these challenges was a conscious commitment, from early on, to a personal growth mission focused on becoming more natural. This involved a lot of courage and tears, very painful challenges, a willingness to keep experiencing the results of choices out loud to those around me that could judge and did, a lot of personal work and willingness to stand on my own, raw honesty and deep introspection, integrating reflections, and constant belief and trust in what I knew was possible. The vulnerability came much more easily, as the more I opened to a deeper sense of life and spirituality, the more my experience of life became the type of beauty that could not be contained because the purity of the natural, pierced and burned through the veils. The boundaries took a bit longer because of the personal discernment and empowerment needed to listen through the “noise” for my voice AND due to the teachings, one discovers on a spiritual journey, that Oneness is the focus. So I remembered that this is simply something to reawaken and integrate into conscious daily actions, but without losing my unique individuation. As for the fear of speaking, I came to believe that our greatest fear is simultaneously our greatest gift, when integrated. The way through it, was to “go through it”, allowing the vulnerability to work itself out through action. No amount of “to yourself” time engaged in personal work will really prepare you in the way that actually doing something will, although provides the basis for integration. I spent years on personal work, but it was in the actual “doing” that I made the huge leaps in shifting my challenges. So, on my own terms, in the step that felt acceptable yet still challenging enough, was how I began. And what I discovered is that when I just said yes, without the need to know how, the way was experienced. I was shown the importance of self acceptance and the value of what I had to impart as a unique being, without judgment or comparison. This would speak for itself in allowing remembrance to be my guide. I have found that the commitment to being in the role of someone who imparts personal authenticity of experience and perspective to others, is a commitment to vulnerably speaking my processes out loud, realizing the individual expression that I am, and embracing being okay with learning in the moment, in front of others – vulnerability, creating boundaries, and voicing personal truth.

3) How exactly does accessing one’s own creativity enhance the quality of our life?

tania marie5Alongside love, I believe creative energy is the most powerful force in the Universe that we have direct access to, simply by the nature of our very existence. It is a boundless source that is only limited by the depth to which we exercise our imagination, the length we stretch our minds, and the depth we open our hearts. When we consciously tap into this limitless energy source we are choosing to be empowered co-creators (artists of life) of our experiences and we are activating our free will to explore, be inspired and inspire, shift our perspectives, and imagine “outside of the box”. The depth to which we engage these will determine the result and quality of our manifested creations, and how much fun life can be. The more you allow yourself to get lost in the possibilities and lift the fear veil to your creative vision, the more you will experience activation into greater potentials. You are Creation creating Itself. Creative self-expression can be accessed in many ways and when it is, it also helps you to know yourself more, activate the latent energy sources within your DNA and Chakras, unlock passions, create integrative wholeness, and ultimately liberate yourself. Creativity colors your life with greater vibrancy, stimulates brain activity and power, as well as contributes to your overall well-being. You can enhance your life, become a better communicator and compassionate being, and utilize more of your latent human capabilities by simple, creative things like exploring as many and unlikely ideas, potentials, and perspectives as possible, listening and pausing to imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes before responding, spending time reflecting, increasing the complexity of something you enjoy to challenge yourself with new ways, finding childlike wonder and surprise in each day, and seeing where the journey leads by following the sparks of interest that come to you. Engaging your creative expression and imagination nurtures your heart to expand, as I believe creativity and heart are not separate. It takes a heart to dream and it takes creativity to love unconditionally.

4) How can one begin to transform the limiting beliefs and fears that seem to surround us on a daily basis, whether it be money related/financial stress, following ones heart, not feeling “deserving enough”…?

Part of this I believe begins with monitoring the words you use, the first reactions and thoughts, the “should’s” and expectations that come to mind when you think about the challenge, the beliefs you have, and the possible perceptions you could explore outside of the one/s you are only focused on in the moment of the challenge. What you believe is what is running the stories you tell yourself and creating the direct experiences as a result of these. One thing that may help is to remove the word “should”, as it imposes a structure, demand, anxiety, and even defiance from yourself that will limit your authentic flow of insights and authentic responses. In general, being mindful of your inner dialogue can make a big difference, as words carry “creation” energy by the definitions you attach to them. I find that we often get in our own way so it is important to be curious and honestly ask the tough questions about your beliefs around the challenge, without attachment or judgment. Find out what your true values are and whether or not the “ideas” around the challenge you are experiencing, truly reflect these. Being more loving, gentle, and vulnerable with yourself, rather than running an old program of personal attack, expectation, and unfounded demands, will enable the child within to reveal your true needs/joy it wants to have supported. Some of the challenge I believe comes with only changing mental attitudes and programming positive affirmations, so you forget that there are deep emotional wounds and patterns that are still running the show and triggering the limitations and fears experienced. Much of the time I find that the inability to transform the limiting beliefs and fear experiences stems from not being fully ready to embrace what being freed or “healed” entails because the challenge serves in some way or there’s fear of responsibility that comes along with the obstacle removed. Rooting out any thoughts, impressions, deep beliefs, and feelings for why you may not feel “deserving” of this integration to take place and why you feel stress around the challenge will be helpful. Sometimes it’s about simply seeing the wholeness that already IS within the experience you are having and how the challenge may fuel the beauty of your uniqueness and what you have to impart in service to others.

5) What is your greatest hope for our planet at this time?

Again, hard to share one, but these are potentials I envision possible. I envision a return to natural harmony from within so that it reflects without. I envision reverence, love, actualized equality, and honor for ALL of life. I envision humanity more curiously and courageously exploring and experiencing their true creative nature, unlimited potentials, free will, the Cosmic Divinity encoded within, and the wholeness inherent in all. I envision the bridging of mind and heart in integrated, alchemical partnership. I envision the power of love and creativity exercised in more expansive, altruistic, inspired, and imaginative ways. I envision our language of expression and relating to becoming more transparent, pure, and efficient. I envision collective realization that the wisdom desired is already embodied.

What Journey are YOU on?