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My name is Annabel Ruffell and I am the founder of Journey for Earth, a global awareness company committed to inspiring change for humanity, the environment and animals, one choice at a time.

I learned of Jenny’s work through an article I came across and loved what she is doing in the Bahamas. Raw living foods, swimming with wild dolphins, holistic education & exercise….what could be better?!

JYbiopicARC Founder Jenny Yemaya has spent the past 16 years interacting and working with wild dolphins and whales in Bimini and around the world.  She has travelled extensively to various vortex points and sacred sites, connecting the dots on the planetary grid and working with the energies. In 2008, Jenny Yemaya qualified as a Health Educator at Hippocrates Health Institute in South Florida and set up Raw Dolphins Retreats and iDetoxHolidays UK. Her passion is to offer a complete rejuvenation experience, teaching about the raw living foods lifestyle combined with the therapeutic effect the dolphins bring. She is also a trained masseur, Yoga Teacher and energy worker. Since first coming to Bimini in 1998, Yemaya has held a vision to create a center for healing and rejuvenation, the likes of which originated during the times of Atlantis. The ARC (Atlantis Rejuvenation Center) is the culmination of this vision and dream which came to fruition in 2012 through a series of truly magical synchronicities.  She now lives on the island of Bimini with her Scottie Dog Ralph McDuff.


Dolphins71) What Journey are You on?

It started off as a quest to find out who I am and where I was from, as I had a belief in reincarnation that I wanted proof of. My outer and inner journey is so entwined and spans lifetimes that have proved to be parallel realities, yet in differing time frames. When I first came to Bimini back in 1998 I felt as if I had come home, the place seemed so familiar. I’d read about its Atlantean connections so needed to experience what this was about for me personally, as it struck such a chord. A few weeks after I arrived on the island I had a dream one night that I was back thousands of years in time, during Atlantis. I was standing in the middle of an ancient circle on the edge of a harbor peninsular in Miami. On the east point of the circle was a stone with an eye carved into it, all around me were ritual artifacts, shells, the skeleton of a dolphin and I was performing a sacred ceremony. I intuitively knew that the circle was on a direct east west alignment with the Bimini Atlantis site, 50 miles offshore, along ley lines. When I woke up from the dream I asked the people I was staying with who were from Miami if such a circle existed? They laughed at me, gave me funny looks and said no, they had never heard of it. They went back to Miami a few days later. When they returned to Bimini 3 weeks later the guy said to me “I don’t know how you do that funny stuff and I don’t want to know, but that circle you told us about was discovered last week in Miami”!! This was 1998, it has since been bought back off the developers who found the remains of the circle, along with all the artifacts I saw in my dream, under the foundations of a 1950’s apartment building that was up for redevelopment at Brickell Point in downtown Miami at the entrance to the Miami river. 16 years later it has been fully excavated and is deemed as Americas earliest known site. Everything I saw in my dream was there, the site being on a harbor peninsular, the stone with an eye, the artifacts, the east west alignment, yet I had dreamed it 3 weeks before they discovered it. This was the proof I needed personally that I had been a part of a sacred existence here during Atlantean times and that I had been called back to fulfill a mission in this lifetime. The next thing was to discover what that was!

dolphins4.jpg2) What exactly is the Atlantis Rejuvenation Center?

The Atlantis Vortex is an area out in the midst of the ocean about 40 miles off shore from Bimini, part of the Bermuda Triangle, where the navigational equipment on the boat goes wild, spinning the compass back and forth randomly and the energy is palpable. After discovering my past life connection to Atlantis, I ventured out to the vortex to discover what I was here to do. We did a meditation at the epi-center of the vortex, it was like entering a wall of dense energy as the veils were lifted and I had a recollection of the destruction, what my role had been and what I was to accomplish this lifetime. I was given the name of The ARC (Atlantis Rejuvenation Center) and instructed to create a healing place for people to come and rejuvenate at, anchoring the light energy back onto the island of Bimini in the form of a previous healing temple that had existed back during the Atlantean times. Today The ARC is a retreat center, that accommodates groups and individuals of up to 20 people, with a combination of all that has improved my life, plant based nutrition & raw foods, yoga, swimming with wild playful dolphins, breathwork, meditation and connection with our like minded human pod. We run 6 day residential detox retreats throughout the year.

3) What is the significance of Atlantis?

Atlantis was a highly advanced civilization, it utilized ancient forms of healing, communication and living that we are only just recollecting today. Things got out of hand in Atlantis and the civilization divided into two fractions, one focused on the spiritual ideals and oneness for the whole to succeed. The other fraction was fueled by greed, corruption and a selfish race for power & wealth over one another. We are living in a parallel reality, with today’s society carrying out the same ingrained patterns. The significance is that this time around we have a collective memory of what we created and destroyed before, so we are at a choice point in our evolution, to this time make it right.

Dolphins14) How is the experience of swimming with dolphins life changing?

It’s difficult to convey in words, as it is an experience. Swimming eye to eye, soul to soul, with another species, feeling their sonar resonating within you, spinning your cells with new energy and life force. It is a life changing moment, one that stays with you forever and keeps you coming back for more! People are visibly changed, you can see the bliss in them, like a child like wonder, that reinforces their life force. The boat is full of the biggest grins on the way in at sunset and often tears of pure joy.

5) How long have you been a raw vegan and what inspired this way of eating?

I came across eating raw foods by living on an island off Panama years ago, eating off the trees, coconuts, mangos, avocados, noni and noticed such an immense change in my health, mentally, physically and spiritually that I knew I was onto something. Subsequently I came across a book called “The Essene Gospel of Peace” that talked of a raw plant based diet being the original diet at the time of the Essenes and Jesus, something just clicked and I felt as if I had found not only my optimal diet, but my spiritual truth also.

6) What has been one of your greatest challenges over the years, either with the work that you Dolphins5do or in another area of your life, and how did you overcome it?

When I first came to Bimini I had an immense fear of water. I could not swim underwater and had never dared to go out of my depth. My desire to swim with dolphins was so strong that I knew I had to overcome it, but if someone had told me back then my life would become that of a mermaid I would never have believed them! I got offered a job working for another dolphin company and the owner taught me how to dive, the irony being that having thought I would go under and never come back up, in fact the trick was trying to stay under when I kept floating back to the surface! Since then and discovering the absolute beauty of the underwater world, I have realized that overcoming our greatest fears leads to our greatest joys in life.

7) What is your greatest hope for our planet at this time?


For humanity to awaken fully and recognize that we are all one and the same, interconnected in this conscious web of energy. To work towards a bright future, to honor all life forms, to respect one another and to infuse Love into all aspects of our existence 🙂 And so it is! Aho!




What Journey are you on?