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My name is Annabel Ruffell and I am the founder of Journey for Earth, a global awareness company committed to inspiring change for humanity, the environment and animals, one choice at a time.

I have shared a few posts where I ask parents the one question: What Journey are YOU on?

Their responses have been so beautiful, heartfelt, honest and touching that I knew I had to do it again…and again and again! So here is Part 4 of “Parenting Journeys” featuring 3 inspiring parents.

Our journeys can inspire each other, create connection, empower. And I know for myself when I talk to another parent, hear about their journey, the love, the acceptance, the beauty, the ups and downs, the commitment to be better, to be more patient…it inspires me to be the best parent I can be…and also understand that none of us are perfect…we are just doing our best. I hope in sharing the journeys of these wonderful parents it inspires you too on your journey.

Binah Goldman, 33. Mom to August and Ingmar, very soon to be 10 and 3, respectively. Co-Owner of Lalila Beauty, musical & theater artist, cook/baker/fermenter, animal & nature lover.


ma&kiddosDisclaimer: I do my best, but I am in no way perfect! Now that that’s out of the way…

Like many people, I feel that I’m on a multifaceted journey. There’s the part that’s deeply personal: embodying my higher self, my own personal truth. Doing my best to be a good human, to make good choices, to be brave, and to unleash my full creative powers.

Then there’s the leg of my journey that involves my partner, Ray, and parenting our amazing kids. We’ve been a family for 12 years now and it’s been crazy times. I’m always learning and relearning how important it is to work hard, have fun, get along, embrace differences, compromise, choose my battles, stick together, enjoy life, and love, love, love.

We choose to live our lives in a bold and natural manner. We had our boys at home, co-sleep (or Snuggle-Sleep, as I like to call it), diapered naturally, had them out of diapers at 1 year, made all their baby food daily, from scratch, and I nursed on demand. We take our health seriously; we make choices that empower us and support us, the planet, and its inhabitants.

We freecycle/upcycle, prepare traditional, wholesome foods and support our farmer’s markets. My mom and I run a tiny, hand-crafted, eco-conscious body care company that focuses on youthful, natural beauty. We’re a tight family and, ironically, we work hard at living simply. For us there’s no other way.

Life is crazy and complicated and my journey reflects that. I live a pretty alternative lifestyle, but I’m cool with kicking back with a beer and Netflix. I allow my kids to do the same (sans beer!). I don’t have a heart attack (anymore) if they eat a little junk food with friends or family members once in a while. The joyful times they have will outweigh the effects of the sugar crash. Besides, how else will they learn why eating wholesome foods is so important if they have nothing to compare it to?

One of the greatest things I’m learning is to be flexible. Often, rigidity equals stress. Contrary to what some may believe (I’m looking at you, Ray!), I don’t enjoy stressing out. So each day I try to let things go. Just chill and go with the flow. The Dude Abides.

I’m immensely grateful for my family, my work, nature, animals, good people, wonderful food, inspiring ideas, art, music and so much more. I have faith in humanity and I truly believe things will get better. XO

Emma, craniosacral therapy practitioner, passionate about arts, nature and life. Human Being, daughter, sister, wife and mother of a 4 year old.


Twitter: @flowingstill  FB: http://www.facebook.com/Flowingstill

EmmaWe are all One. We are all connected.

Our mind knows this broad and vague concept yet we have great difficulty to embody it.

I have found in my experience that one way to sense the connection to this oneness is through body awareness.

The more I connect to what is going on inside of my body, the more opportunities I have to be connected in my relationships with people, nature and ultimately with life.

If we imagine our environment as a mirror of oneself, then feeling the aliveness of our body can help to understand the true nature of life in everything that surrounds us.

I believe that part of my journey is to help people increase their body awareness, and it manifests in different forms.

Being a parent can be one of them.

From the beginning of my pregnancy, I greatly increased the simple practice of ‘listening to my body’ with the intention to share and teach it to my son.

Here are some of the tools I have been using along the way to help me feel more connected to myself, my child, and the ‘life force’ that flows through each and every one of us:

~ Loving, nurturing and therapeutic touch: through massage , craniosacral therapy or by simply being present. It has not only helped with my personal healing, but has also encouraged my child’s development.

~ Meditation, which I have been integrating in my life over the years, and is known today by my 4 year old as practicing ‘quiet bear’ time.

~ Yoga, which evolved into Mommy & Me when my son turned 3 months old.

~ Practicing the Arts. Music, dance and drawing are most present in our household, but any type of art would do. Life without Art and Creativity is like a cupcake without frosting. Something sweet is missing.

~ Increasing knowledge about the human body. Some people may know more about their car than about their body, when this is the most precious vehicle they own… Knowing more about my body has helped me understand that it is not a machine and that there is more to fixing broken parts.

Every day, every moment, I get a new chance, a new experience of what it is to connect to my body; whether it is through being a parent, a wife, a friend, or through my professional practice.

There are many ways and many tools to help us on our journey, but what seems to be essential is ‘how does my journey make my body feel in this moment’?

Hopefully it is a pleasant ride.

Steve Miller, father to 3 year old Kai. Entrepreneur, alchemist, writer, shaman.

StevephotoMy journey as a parent has been life changing. Not only has my world view changed, but who I am in it, has changed as well. When my amazing son was born, almost four years ago, I thought I knew this world and what it was all about. Having a child opened my eyes in a different direction. I had no idea exactly how toxic our modern society was, with hidden dangers that abounded in the most unbelievable places. We as a family had to be become aware on so many different levels, and change how we existed, and interacted with our environment.

Of all the possible categories that could have been researched, what I gravitated towards, and noticed almost immediately, were the dangers from modern conveniences, namely our ‘smart’ electronics, and the ‘Electro Magnetic Radiation’ or ‘EMR’ that they generate.

After purchasing a lap top, I began to get a burning sensation in my left hand. This strange condition led me to purchase my first of many electronic measuring meters. And was shocked to find how much EMR my lap top was giving off, exactly where my left hand would rest when I typed.

Using my background in alternative healing and minerals, I was able to create a special compound that reversed the effects of the EMR in my body. But this was just the beginning, and there were many other tests, sessions with clients, and several more meter purchases before making a startling find. We are under constant attack from certain electronic devices, as they are purposely calibrated to damage our DNA. And can cause both physical and emotional issues. Most people are unaware of the fact that our wireless technology is a direct carry over from its weapon based beginnings, early in the cold war. And the disease causing frequencies were carried over intact. The most vulnerable of course, are the young.

This created an unusual paradigm and opportunity, where I could take my experience of being an entrepreneur, and also that of an alchemist and shaman, and put them together. The integration of technical, and energy healing abilities, blended perfectly in the development of the EMR reducing and mitigating products, which I am just about to bring to market. Who knew that the journey of being a parent during these powerful times could create such a synergy?



What Journey are YOU on?