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My name is Annabel Ruffell and I am the founder of Journey for Earth, a socially conscious media company that shares the personal journeys of inspiring individuals making a positive impact in the world.

I decided to ask 3 creative people this question again:

What Journey are YOU on?

Our journeys can inspire others, create connection, ignite thought and action…empower. I hope in sharing the journeys of these people it inspires you too on your journey.

Julian Walker ~ Writer, yoga, meditation teacher, and bodyworker in Los Angeles.


JulianWAs a kid from South Africa, I have been on a journey into freedom.

I came to the US just before I turned 20. But earlier than that I remember a brilliant blue afternoon, when the sky looks like it only can in Africa. I had run from my house, overwhelmed by the desire for freedom. The walls too small for me, the roof too low, my parent’s tension too palpable, my turmoil boiling in me, my nascent sense of self struggling with adolescence.

I jumped the back wall onto the sports field of my school and found myself alone. The whole field to myself, the blue sky expanding out above me. My mind was suddenly calm, yet exhilarated, my heart filled with the emotion paired with a perception of unknown possibilities.

I knew then, deep in my bones that I didn’t have to stay. I didn’t have to live out the programming of my parents. I didn’t have to conform to, or endlessly struggle against the repressive racist society I happened to exist within. I could live my life.

My journey ever since has been one of seeking freedom, authenticity and ways to be of service to others. My mother had introduced me to meditation and a few years later I fell into yoga. Music was my first love, literature a close second.

If you had told me 20 years ago that these experiences and these passions would be something I could weave into a profession: that I could share expansive states of consciousness, healing and liberating techniques for self-awareness, evocative music, philosophy and poetry and get paid in love and currency, I would hardly have believed it.

Yet here I am, and the journey continues.

Chani Nicholas ~ Professional counseling astrologer, writer and yoga therapist.


1899167_10152188478047604_2066133410_nThe only journey in town, as far as I am concerned. I make sincere attempts at living with less anger and more presence all the while failing with flamboyant flair at having greater awareness and fewer delusions. But the point is that I try and I keep trying. The point is that I love myself throughout the entire process regardless of any outcome (especially if it’s success). I have worked with everyone from rock-stars to folks serving life in prison and from those experiences the only thing that I can tell about happiness is that it’s an inside job. If we can’t love our own company no matter what the outer circumstances, we won’t ever really love anything, and love is the only thing that holds any worth in my heart. I know that we live in a tragically, beautifully, broken world where justice is rarely served and suffering often is. Yet, this is my world and therefore it’s my responsibility to love the brokeness back into some sort of functioning apparatus. I don’t know about wholeness, I am not convinced that it’s all its cracked up to be (pun intended), because as Mr Cohen so aptly said, “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” I don’t want to be afraid to be cracked open and I don’t want to look away from the things that need to be healed. I want to stand in the paradox that is life and have the strength to accept both suffering and healing, to be graced with the wisdom to know how to stand up to injustice and to have the courage to do so.

Mykal Aubry ~ Visionary Artist.


1620312_10202365252365283_2106075358_nI am on the journey of breathing my soul into my body, one breath at a time, so that I may fully be Here and live my purpose of being and expressing who I am, in this reality. For me, it’s essentially about opening to an intimate relationship with the origins of my being, the “YES” to be alive, through the unfoldings and circumstances of my physical embodiment on Earth. The medium through which I navigate this exploration is feeling and sensation. I feel myself to know myself. Particularly the heavy or painful energies hold tremendous power and support when I choose to presence them and give them space to communicate to me and tell me more of who I am. It’s about moving beyond my self imposed boundaries/beliefs that feel constricting and out of alignment, yet knowing that this too is enough, as it is. The journey I am on is about experiencing my inheritance of essence and the lineage of light that has been on its own journey since before the beginning of our universe, which now takes this shape, within this body and as this radiant force of mysterious life, birthing infinite journeys within its one heart….pulsing beauty everywhere.

One of Mykal’s beautiful pieces below…



What Journey are YOU on?