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My name is Annabel Ruffell and I am the founder of Journey for Earth, a global awareness company committed to inspiring change for humanity, the environment and animals, one choice at a time.

Earth Dr Reese Halter is an award-winning broadcaster and author of nine books, distinguished conservation biologist and sought after public speaker.

Earth Dr Reese Halter’s love of Nature began as a child. A springtime tree-planting ritual with his father and brother became his passion. He knew from the time he was a child that he wanted to be an Earth Doctor and has a PhD in subalpine eucalypt eco-stress physiology from The University of Melbourne, Australia.

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1) What Journey are You on?

I’m an Earth doctor, conservation biologist, author, educator and broadcaster. I trained as an eco-stress tree physiologist researching how tenacious, thrifty Eucalyptus trees exist on the top of Australia’s Victorian Alps under extreme environmental pressures i.e. freezing temperatures, high ultra violet radiation, occurrence of wildfires and repeated insect infestations. As a conservation biologist, I am charged with maintaining Earth’s genetic tapestry. And as an educator my job is to explain why Nature and a healthy environment are crucial to the well-being of our youth.

There’s a bloody and ruthless ‘War Against Nature,’ taking place 24/7 and it’s time for it to end, now. We are running perilously out of time – inaction is obviously unacceptable. People protect what they love. To love something you must get to know it, and with knowing comes caring and respect for all life on land and under the sea.

The only conceivable way that seven plus billion people can exist on this planet in the coming decade(s) is by lessening our footprints: First individually, then our families, communities and lastly at a political level. 

My journey was revealed to me at a very young age. It began at the age of four with my dad and brother as a springtime tree planting ritual: My mission is to protect Nature and ensure that our youth understand the importance of healthy, vibrant ecosystems while at the same time helping them to critically think and actively solve ecological problems.

2) What has been one of your greatest challenges over the years, either with the work that you do or in another area of your life, and how did you overcome it?

I see life as a learning continuum with only one constant: Change.

Change is, in fact, an opportunity in disguise.

Communicating on-air, in classrooms, public lectures including The United Nations, books, blogs, twitter, Facebook, newspaper portals, podcasts or via radio airwaves provides multi-faceted mediums necessary to help people understand that unsustainable human pressures are destroying Nature and forcing our climate to a tipping-point. 

Humankind’s level of consciousness is on the rise and the approach that I have utilized over the past two-and-a-half decades is to ‘keep chippin away’ despite human-forced climate change, acidifying oceans, destruction of habitat and rampant overfishing.

The bees, trees and seas are clearly showing biologists, climatologists and oceanographers that Earth’s living systems are under siege and humankind is required to change its present pathway or face unimaginable and unintended dire consequences.

I was literally ‘born in a hurry’ and I’ve been learning patience for the past four decades. I’ve worked tirelessly for over a quarter century with the belief that by helping children, individuals, schools and colleges make changes, the ripple effect will be felt far and wide.

3) What is your greatest hope for our planet at this time?

I want the youth of the Earth to be prepared for the future. I believe that by allowing them to know Nature they will love and protect her!

I also believe it is every child’s birthright to have clean air and water, healthy soils, intact wild forests and vibrant oceans.

What Journey are YOU on?