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My name is Annabel Ruffell and I am the founder of Journey for Earth, a global awareness company committed to inspiring change for humanity, the environment and animals, one choice at a time.

Lisa M. Wilson is an early childhood advocate and educator as well as alumni from Azusa Pacific University with a BA in Human Development and an M.Ed. Lisa has worked in the field of education for over a decade. As the eldest of four children Lisa learned from an early age how to lead. Lisa’s love and dedication to families and children is evident in her day-to-day interactions with the teachers, families, and children at Trinity Baptist Children’s Center.

Lisa believes that all children deserve a loving, safe, and happy learning environment with opportunities to discover and explore in order to reach their highest learning potential.

lisa and lulu


1) What Journey are YOU on?

I am on the journey of making a positive difference in the lives around me.  I want the lives that I am involved with to be authentic, meaningful, and loving. 

2) What has been one of your greatest challenges over the years, either with the work that you do or in another area of your life, and how did you overcome it?

One of the challenges that I have faced in my career is the joy and passion of working and learning with children but also being able to support my family financially.  The career path I chose is rewarding at several levels but not always at a monetary level.  However I have chosen to stay in the field because of my commitment to educate children and their families.

3) What is your greatest hope for our planet at this time?

The place I am in my life I believe that there is a lot of hope for our plant.  I think we have the potential to love and help one another build a meaningful and powerful future for all people.

What Journey are YOU on?