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My name is Annabel Ruffell and I am the founder of Journey for Earth, a socially conscious media company that shares the personal journeys of inspiring individuals making a positive impact in the world.

On a regular basis I am also going to be posting other peoples articles that I find inspiring – and also inviting people to submit a piece – on the topics of: environment, animals, humanity, health, parenting, and anything else that inspires thought, connection and supports us in being the best that we can be.

My guest post today is again by the inspiring Premananda Grace. I truly love the way she writes!

Premananda Grace lives in Bangalow, a little artisan village near Byron Bay, Australia. She is in the process of writing her memoir, Becoming Premananda – One Woman’s Journey From Darkness to Light. It is a memoir that explores the impact that childhood sexual abuse has had on her life. Apart from being a Writer, she is also a Personal Coach, Journey Therapist and an NLP trainer – she enjoys facilitating others as they embark on their own  transformational journey of ‘becoming’ who they have always been, the highest expression of the truth of who they are.



Gratitude With Attitude

Inspiration is all around us when we have the eye to see it, and just recently I have been so inspired by a young fifteen year old girl, the daughter of a friend of mine. Lynne and I are old friends, we’ve known each other since our Uni days – there is a tight group of 6 of us who all went to Uni together and we still meet up all these years later. We have seen each other through 21st birthdays, marriages, births of our children, divorces, new loves…as women we have experienced the works together.

Lynne had just given birth to her second child, Hope, fifteen years after her first daughter Alex was born.

As it happened, Alex had been unwell and was home from school the day that I visited. We sat around over coffee, Alex, Lynne and I, and I got to hold the six week old baby – aw! Well that is inspiration enough, to have in your arms something soooo precious as a tiny little soul!

It was just after the Mothers Day weekend and Lynne shared with me that Alex had given her a beautiful gift: the gift of a card in which she had expressed, in soulful terms, her gratitude for her Mum. It was with heaving sobs, Lynne said, that she received the beautiful gift of the words Alex had written. When Lynne showed me the card, I could see why she was so moved, and asked if I could share it here on my blog, as a beautiful teaching for us all – sometimes the greatest gift we can give, is letting someone know the gift that they are to us.

Here is Alex’s card, which expresses not only gratitude, but a deep wisdom and insight, well beyond her young fifteen years:

Happy Mothers Day

I’m still not sure why we have this day
 Maybe whoever created it doesn’t
 Trust us to be grateful for mothers
 And rightfully so.
 Maybe I don’t show you how grateful I am to have you,
 But don’t let that fool you. I am.
I couldn’t do without you, you hold my everyday together
 Like stitches in fabric and socks to an enclosed shoe.
 I’m not sure anyone does as much as you do.
 I’m not sure why it seems to rain the hardest on the
 People who deserve the sun, but you’re always there
 To remind me of every rainbow behind every rain cloud,
 That it doesn’t matter how hard it rains because
 We welcome storms and together they don’t really phase us.
 That was your strength
 Then there was your lesson about love, and how it’s
the most powerful thing, and that it only ever multiplies
 and never divides
 That was your kindness
 The times I tested patience and boundaries to see what
 It was like off the rails but you remind me every day
 That it’s better to be the steam train
 That was your faith
The way you forgive anyone and open your mind to
 New things, and never judge
 That was your compassion
 The sister you gave me. Living proof that love only ever
 Multiplies and keeps on giving.
 That’s our Hope
 And every time you call me beautiful or brave or lovely
 Remember that those were lessons learned
 And I thank god or whoever the hell is up there

That I get to learn them from you.

And I have to admit to having a blessed tear every time I read this, a message of faith, hope, kindness, compassion and the power of love alongside of the unshakeable bond between this mother and daughter. The wisdom of one so young so apparent here, who even at fifteen has an inkling, of that that is ever present, that power that is so much greater than we are, that she alludes to as the ‘god or whoever the hell is up there.’

In working with many clients as coach and therapist I have noticed that there are people who seem to have an innate resilience that sees them through ‘life’s storms,’ an ability to come through with a sense of grace. Like Alex they have two qualities in common: they believe in a power greater than themselves, and they have a willingness to look for the ‘rainbow’ in all of life’s experiences: the gift, the blessing, the opportunity for growth.

Their presence then becomes a gift to all those who come into contact with them, and those who have been touched may go on to be a gift to others and  so on…

So what I take from my morning spent with two beautiful souls, is this: there is always something to be grateful for. The sun is ALWAYS shining, even when it is raining, somewhere the sun is shining twenty four hours a day.

And this that is always present, this that does not move, this that does not come and go, can never leave you, is not outside of you. It is the essence of who you are, and all of life’s experiences – the beautiful and magical, alongside of the not- so- beautiful or desirable – can be used to point us back to the realization of ourselves as love.

All The Love In The World,


What Journey are YOU on?