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My name is Annabel Ruffell and I am the founder of Journey for Earth, a socially conscious media company that shares the personal journeys of inspiring individuals making a positive impact in the world.

On a regular basis I am also going to be posting other peoples articles that I find inspiring – and also inviting people to submit a piece – on the topics of: environment, animals, humanity, health, parenting, and anything else that inspires thought, connection and supports us in being the best that we can be.

My guest post today is by the inspiring Premananda Grace.

Premananda Grace lives in Bangalow, a little artisan village near Byron Bay, Australia. She is in the process of writing her memoir, Becoming Premananda – One Woman’s Journey From Darkness to Light. It is a memoir that explores the impact that childhood sexual abuse has had on her life. Apart from being a Writer, she is also a Personal Coach, Journey Therapist and an NLP trainer – she enjoys facilitating others as they embark on their own  transformational journey of ‘becoming’ who they have always been, the highest expression of the truth of who they are.



What lies beyond your boundaries

Today I have taken myself to a little café in Bangalow, Sox my dear little kelpie, sits patiently at my feet as she always does. I am sure that this is not her favorite thing to do, oh lover of the wild outdoors, fields, beaches and rivers that she is, and I am filled with gratitude. She has been my constant companion this year, a little presence of unconditional love. Sometimes when I look in her eyes, I see a wise little sage, a soul that has perhaps been here many times before. Her gentle presence imparts the message “I am with you.”

And I am procrastinating. It seems that this journey has brought me again and again to my own boundaries to offer me a challenge: are you going to just sit there, or are you going to go beyond? Tempting, to just sit here. I mean who cares if I go beyond or not? It’s really only myself that I am struggling with, so I have a choice. Give up the struggle, back off, have a massage, go to the beach. Or go right into the heart of the discomfort that always occurs when we reach our limits. In NLP we call it ‘the discomfort just prior to break through.’

At these times of breakthrough, ghosts of the past come to visit, all the things that remain unresolved, emotions from previous experiences, current events even, that may mirror back to us where we need to step up in order to make our dreams possible. We may find old patterns re-surfacing, begging us once and for all ‘ be done with me!’

The Obstacle Is The Way

It is in these moments actually that we are given the opportunity to really uncover the gifts of the journey, to discover the hidden treasure that our perceived obstacles are here to highlight. They beg the question ‘are you REALLY congruent with your own greatness? Are you going to let anything stand in your way?’ And if we have truly said ‘yes’ to this journey, whatever it is for you – to reach for a higher vision, dream, goal, new way of being – the universe responds in two ways. At least, this has been my own constant experience.

You will be brought everything, EVERYTHING you need to pursue the path that is in alignment with your true hearts purpose. And sometimes that also means you will be facing greater challenges: the dragons, the demons that have caused you in the past to play small, will re-emerge to challenge you. When we choose to believe that LIFE IS ALWAYS WORKING FOR US, then these challenges offer us the opportunity to transform our experience, which is in turn a stepping-stone to transforming our lives.

So bless the sacred obstacle, it is the stepping stone to the more fully aligned and congruent you, to live the life that you were truly born to live.

You Don’t Need To Know How

And you don’t need to have it all sorted to keep moving forward, to have resolved absolutely everything. THE POWER IS IN THE DECISION. Yes, I am doing this. Yes, I am staying with it though it’s tough right now. Yes, I am willing to let this experience – the wonderful aspects as well as the challenges – point me to the truth of who I am. And this takes no time at all. Who we really are, the truth of ourselves that is beyond our experiences, our doubts, fears and our self-imposed boundaries, is always present: closer than our next breath, closer than  our next heart beat, this that is always here, that does not move, that does not come and go, that part of us that is all patient and all knowing is ready to receive us at all times. We only have to stop, ask ourselves the question, am I silent? And allow ourselves to drop into that place in our deep centre, where our deepest truth resides. Everything resolves itself in silence.

One Step Closer

So as I sit here at my computer, ironically, ‘writing through my own block to writing,’ I chunk it down. It’s important to keep moving and the little steps combine all at once to create the mighty leap. So at times like these I ask myself, what is one thing I can do right now, towards fulfilling my dream? And I play with my own mind: when it feels too big, too much to imagine editing the entire book, or even a chapter, I ask myself, can I start with one word? Knowing that one word will lead to one sentence, to one paragraph, to one chapter. Way leads onto way, and before you know it I will have lost ‘myself’ as I once again immerse myself in this that I love, the writing of my own life story.

What Lies Beyond Your Boundaries?

My teacher once told me that the final obstacle to self-realization, is believing  that the obstacle exists! And in this moment of realization, the boundaries dissolve and I fall into infinite space, the dipping pool of pure possibility, the vastness of limitless existence, and once again I am ‘home.’

Believing in your boundary is a bit like believing in the horizon. As we move toward the horizon, what happens to it? It shifts, we can never reach it, because it simply does not exist. The shift occurs as a result of our perception, it is an illusion created by the limitation of our sight. And we do not have to believe in it.

Great visionaries such as Copernicus have shown us what is possible when we allow ourselves to go beyond the boundary of limited thinking and as a result, a whole new way of seeing the world and indeed the entire universe was discovered: the earth is not the centre of the universe as previously thought, it orbits the sun. It is not flat and we will not fall off if we go to the edge…..

Take The Leap

So. If we let go of absolutely everything that we have ever believed, allow all concepts, ideas and ideologies to simply fall away, if there are absolutely no constraints whatsoever, what vision begins to unfold for you? What magic are are you being asked to breathe into being? And are you ready now to TAKE THE LEAP!


All The Love In The World,


What Journey are YOU on?