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My name is Annabel Ruffell and I am the founder of Journey for Earth, a socially conscious media company that shares the personal journeys of inspiring individuals making a positive impact in the world.

On a regular basis I am also going to be posting other peoples articles that I find inspiring – and also inviting people to submit a piece – on the topics of: environment, animals, humanity, health, parenting, and anything else that inspires thought, connection and supports us in being the best that we can be.

My guest post today is by the wonderful and inspiring Tiffany Pidruchny. In her words:

“I am a wife to my wonderful husband Craig and mother to our three amazing little girls, whom I have the privilege to stay home with and raise. My husband and I strive to live as simply and consciously as possible, only ever taking from the earth what we truly need. I love to focus on the positive side of life, reflect upon it with gratitude and reverence and always see the treasures in every trial. I believe that there are no mistakes in life, only lessons to be learned which are given to us to help us learn and grow into kinder and more loving beings.”

- 421


15 Favorite Vegan Snacks and Sweet Treats

Today I wanted to share with you some of my family’s favorite vegan snacks and naturally-sweetened sweet treats! I love baking something every week for us to have to eat, but sometimes I love a quick no-bake recipe or some other fun snack for the kids to do in the kitchen along side me. Here are some delicious and nutritious recipe ideas, from our family to yours. Just click on the blue links to get the recipes. :)

1. Extremely Addictive Walnut Banana Bread


We all love our banana bread around here. This loaf is sweetened naturally with pure maple syrup and made with whole wheat flour. The crunchy walnuts sprinkled into the loaf as well as on top make it extremely addictive!

2. Coconut Cashew Butter Crispy Squares


These crispy squares are a delicious twist on regular rice crispy squares and are made with cashew butter and shredded coconut. An easy, no-bake sweet treat, again sweetened naturally, containing no refined sugar, yet just as sweet!

3. Creamy Chocolate Pudding


Rich, decadent chocolate pudding made with my secret, sneaky ingredient, avocados. A sneaky way to get kids to eat healthy.

4. No-Bake Almond Cranberry Oat Bites


A nutrition-packed, no-bake snack or treat, made with the goodness of oats, almonds and cranberries. My kids love to help make these bites.

5. Crispy Whole Wheat Onion and Garlic Crackers


These crispy whole wheat crackers are loaded with onion and garlic flavor and are really fun and easy to make! A recipe my kids and I love to make together. You can even make them into whatever shapes you like using different shaped cookie cutters.

6. Fruit Salad with Coconut Whipped Cream


Chilled canned coconut milk makes a delicious, creamy whipped topping for fruit salad or to dip fresh fruit in. Who needs whipped cream?

7. No-Bake Sugar Cookie Dough Balls


These no-bake sugar cookie dough balls are made with oats and raw cashews and are sweetened with maple syrup and brown rice syrup. Make them plain, chocolate chip, or double chocolate chip! Yum!

8. Rainbow Fruit Pizza


This recipe makes a great spring or summer dessert. The crust is made with whole wheat flour, the ‘sauce’ is apple butter and the toppings are a rainbow of fresh fruit! My kids even like to have this fruit pizza for breakfast.

9. Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan “Ice Cream”

Blend up frozen bananas with a splash of unsweetened almond milk to make banana soft serve. Add fresh or frozen raspberries, strawberries or mangoes to make a different fruit flavor or a few tablespoons of cocoa powder for a chocolatey treat!
 10. Trail Mix Cookies
Add whatever dried fruit and nuts you love to these delicious and nutritious trail mix cookies. A healthy and energizing cookie made with spelt flour, oats, coconut and ground flax seed and sweetened naturally with pure maple syrup. My favorite cookie recipe!
11. Fruit & Veggie Rainbows
 - 155
vegetable rainbow
Kids will have a great time in the kitchen creating their own edible fruit or veggie rainbow! A great way to get them excited to eat all of the colors of the rainbow and a wonderful opportunity to teach them the importance of healthy foods for our bodies.
12. Carrot Walnut Muffins
These moist and delicious carrot muffins are my favorite ones to bake (and eat)! They are perfectly spiced with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. The walnuts add some healthy fats as well as many other health benefits.
13. Mini Peanut Butter and Jam Thumbprint Cookies
PB & J in mini cookie form! What could be more fun?
 14. Almond Carob Chip Cookies
A healthy, whole wheat, naturally-sweetened cookie loaded with crunchy roasted almonds and sweet carob chips. A recipe that will soon replace any old chocolate chip one!
15. Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls
I actually made a double batch of these cinnamon rolls this weekend. These whole wheat pumpkin cinnamon rolls are perfect! The recipe includes a glaze, but I usually make them without.
I hope that you enjoy this recipe round-up! I know that your taste buds will! :)


What Journey are YOU on?