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My name is Annabel Ruffell and I am the founder of Journey for Earth, a socially conscious media company that shares the personal journeys of inspiring individuals making a positive impact in the world.

On a regular basis I am also going to be posting other peoples articles that I find inspiring – and also inviting people to submit a piece – on the topics of: environment, animals, humanity, health, parenting, and anything else that inspires thought, connection and supports us in being the best that we can be.

Today’s post is by Rachel Avalon, who has been helping people transform their health since 2001, particularly through a plant-based diet and the power of detoxification. As a Holistic Nutritionist & Eco Expert she works with clients nationwide who are focused on weight loss, cleansing, boosting vitality, and adopting sustainable, compassionate habits. She shares her values and recommendations through local and national media as well as professional speaking engagements and green events. Rachel Avalon also serves as an ambassador for Healthy Child, Healthy World in addition to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Rachel in Kitchen copy


Reusable Sandwich Bags


Ziploc bags and similar single use plastic bags for sandwiches and snacks have become the American norm, but it’s time to replace them with something that’s healthier for you and the planet. After all, these things never biodegrade and can contain hormone-disrupting chemicals!

The good news is that there are a lot more options for reusable snack bags out there, on sites like RePac, Lunchskins, ChicoBag, Etsy, or Amazon, then you might think. And they come in a ton of colorful colors and patterns. However, not all of them are made from FDA approved food-grade materials and most of them are solid which means you’ve got to open them back up if you’ve forgotten what’s inside.

Thankfully, xo(eco) offers one of my favorite solutions; clear, zipped bags that can hold wet or dry snacks. They even donate a small portion of their sales to ocean research and conservation. So, you can buy a 6-pack, stock them up with fresh fruit or veggies, raw nuts, veggie burgers, and such and easily keep track of what’s in each one. They’re even machine washable (although I prefer washing them by hand.)

Reusable Sandwich Bags

Buy some for work or car rides, for your kids (or someone else’s) and before you know it you’ll be wondering how any of us (myself included at one time) ever got in the habit of relying on single use sandwich bags.

Other on-the-go snack containers include:
small, reused glass jars (like a salsa jar)
stainless steel containers
reusable bags made from industrialized hemp


What Journey are YOU on?