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beach light

My heart sends you a prayer,
over the waves of light before me.
I hope that you will feel it, know it, remember…
I promise you that this prayer,
will find you…if not today, in this life, this world,
then in the next, when
our spirits once again return to the sun.
I wish that I could untangle all the words,
dissolve them in the rain,
begin another dream,
start at the beginning,
with wisdom on my left, forgiveness on my right, and love in my heart…
But what is done is done,
and it must be put to rest…
So I send this prayer along the threads of time…
The words will never fade, or be lost…
They will be woven into the winds that carry all our prayers…
Until one day the whispers will reach you and you will hear them,
and see that,
the love that created everything, condemns nothing,
its touch reaches far beyond this,
beyond all that seems right and all that seems wrong;
All else falls away…for:
If you were in my blood,
you would feel,
if you were in my mind,
you would know,
if you were in my heart, you would remember…
what is real and what is not…

By Annabel Ruffell