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I have wandered to some distant shore

And I cannot find my way back…

My sadness overwhelms me as I drift along

With thoughts of loss,

And words of love,

Hanging at my core.

Lost it seems for an eternity …a lifetime…again…

How many dreams must I capture to find you and reach for you?

That carry within them the memories of what once was…

Ancient lives entwined in the golden web for which

Ships have sailed afar and returned with treasures and promises of new lands,

Yet –

The endless circle of our lives exist only in the winds that carry time

Delicate butterflies

Of hope and possibilities….

So I wish and pray that the tears will wash away the sadness, the longing, the desire, the need, the anger, the disappointment…

So that I may no longer want to touch, feel and breathe you…

And simply let you go…

By Annabel Ruffell