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My name is Annabel Ruffell and I am the founder of Journey for Earth, a global awareness company committed to inspiring change for humanity, the environment and animals, one choice at a time.

Life coach Frank Gjata is the founder of BLISSISSIPPI.com, which is all about helping people discover and live their bliss. He is also the founder of “acknowledge is power”, “conscious ink”, and “My Naked Guru” all designed to support people in being the best that they can be!


http://www.blississippi.com, http://www.consciousink.com

1) What Journey are You on?

My journey right now is taking me to deeper exploration of how I/we can live full time from our true essence so we can literally experience heaven on Earth and take up permanent residency in Blississippi 😉

2) What has been one of your greatest challenges over the years, either with the work that you do or in another area of your life, and how did you overcome it?

I realize any and all of my challenges have stemmed from the same one problem…not living in alignment with who I really am and inadvertently blocking my connection to source (the place where ALL possibilities/solutions are located). Of course, we can never really disconnect from source. But we can act like it, and thus, suffer the consequences. The answer for me is always and simply to reconnect to source, the truth of the present moment, the truth of who I really am.

3) What is your greatest hope for our planet at this time?

I’m very excited about our planet at this time. Consciousness is shifting and expanding fast. I see more and more people waking up to who they really are. As we continue on this path, heal our wounds, and clean up our own destructive energetic patterns, actions and behaviors, our planet will also be healed, cleaned up and be very well cared for.

How can we speed up the process you ask? The answer is very, very, very, very, very simple and the most enjoyable thing we can do. We each take personal responsibility for TREATING OURSELVES IN THE MOST LOVING OF WAYS, That’s it. Then, since our reality (and our planet) is simply a reflection of how we act/live, what will be reflected back is the most loving of planets, a.k.a, heaven on Earth. Who’s in? 🙂

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What Journey are YOU on?