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I wrote this about 10 years ago while going through a very hard time with something. Somehow imagining this…making myself imagine a different world, a magical world, helped. I’m not even sure if some of the sentences make sense…but here it is! I felt like sharing it.

The river is long, winding through green jungles intensely entangled with life and bright colors merging. Slowly I drift downstream, the sights and sounds deeply heightened in my senses – imagery in energy flows through. I am as if unreal in this space, a witness to what is. Movements, rustling, subtle sounds of stealthily elegant predators, watchfully magnetic in still awareness. Luminous eyes hypnotically attracting my soul. I surrender to the waves in motion.

Glimpses of light penetrate the cascading waterfall of leaves above….dazzlingly uplifting, as I float along the universal free flow in which this moment exists. The shimmering water, droplets of light, blindingly beautiful.

A paintbrush stroke of green, blue, red suddenly extends it’s wings, launching into the still air – so graceful in it’s splendour. The sounds electrify the stillness – creatures make known their presence in this fantasy wonderland. Brightly colored fish curiously surface, creating a ripple effect of fading water circles. Through the clear water I can see another world, beckoning magically to me. I am entranced by the rainbow-tinted kingdom beneath me. A bed of jewels sparkling amongst century old rocks, whilst the starfish regally mark their territory. Slow motion in magnified magnificence.

My sense of time is gone…I have only the sun to see and moon to mask it as day merges into the earth and night falls coolly upon us.

Whispering clouds, smokily silver pass by, leaving a trail of stars in their wake to illuminate an ever mystical universe.