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butterfly soul

A poem I wrote a while ago…

The Great Spirit has called,

and I feel myself expand,

melt into the walls around me

and beyond…this

is what is real.

My voice dissolves into the night,

no space for words now, as

the spirits rise circling the earth,

glimmers of light like butterflies carrying our dreams…

I reach out,

for my faith has rested so delicately on these shimmering wings,

and I have forgotten the Truth…a golden light

beneath the veil of all that we do and say.

I open my eyes and see your love everywhere…

It breathes its song into

every leaf, stone, star,

every wave that reflects the moon,

every valley that welcomes the dawn,

every bird that sings its last song.

And so, I cast my fears into the river of life,

and look deeply into my heart…

Through my tears, I see a butterfly,

its wings embrace me and

it whispers:

“I have loved you so long,

above all that you think you are and all that you think you are not….


Poem by Annabel Ruffell