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I feel that this is a very profound question.

Where does your power come from? Your personal power?

How much we have – or don’t have – can affect our whole life.

So…what does that question really mean to you?

Throughout most of my life I have not embraced my power…especially as a teenager and in my early twenties…if someone had told me that anything was possible and to embrace my personal power, I would have looked at them quizzically and thought that meant you had to be someone like Wonderwoman, Superman or Batman…have a cool costume, twirl, fly, jump from building to building…so therefore an impossible, never going to happen, “in my dreams” sort of concept. To think that I had power, the power to actually do ANYTHING, and to make my dreams come true, (whatever that meant exactly to a teenager), I would have shrugged off with a laugh and a...”Yeah right!”…Things in life “just happened” didn’t they?

But did they?

How much are we really responsible for? How much of what we create in our lives is actually due to our own thoughts and actions?

Fully taking charge of ones life is quite daunting task and much easier not to the majority of the time. It is hard to change habits, thoughts, actions that have been with us for a lifetime, and to acknowledge our part in the creation of our life. When we do begin to do this though, we realize we have to take full responsibility for everything…our actions, thoughts, words, experience…which is never easy or pretty.

Now, well on my path on the journey that is my life…I finally see what that means. What it really means to live that, be that, feel that. And…it certainly is not easy! There is a power in doing that and living that though. There is no other way…if you choose true happiness that is. And that is where the problem lies I feel so much of time…with myself and with others I have seen.

Happiness. Do I deserve it? Really?!

This is a real issue/fear….that can take over, subconsciously/consciously and affect…yes…our whole life. It’s a big deal. It’s serious stuff.

I feel that for a lot of my life I have been a little tree…bending and turning with every breeze….and uprooting with anything stronger than that! Too many words, and actions of others have affected me to the degree that it has put a hold on my life for a certain period of time…occupied my thoughts for too long…way too long. I gave away too much of my personal power. And the funny thing is that those people that I saw as so “right” or “better” or “strong” were actually the opposite, were not truly living and embracing their personal power and probably deep down were more scared than I was… Of course when you fully own your personal power, you will still get swayed here and there a bit – even quite a bit – but, you are able to recover much more quickly, stand your ground and make decisions based on what is best for yourself…what is truly best for yourself, instead of allowing the actions and words of others to affect you so easily. Always looking to another for strength will never bring peace for very long and leads us down the addiction and co-dependent pathway.

Alcohol, drug, food, sex addiction…..can give the illusion of having power, and this can all seem very real and justified…but who are we without that? If that outlet was taken away…what would we do? How would we express ourselves? Really express ourselves…filled with the truth of who we are…

Many of us also create “safety nets”, belief systems that we have spun around ourselves so tightly and perfectly that we cannot tell the beginning from the end any more…it colors our every action and thought…we try and control everything to avoid getting hurt…it’s a smoky kind of fear…getting into our very soul…

The serenity in letting it all go…and breathing deeply

True personal power comes from having faith and trust in oneself, despite the circumstances of our lives. It is about integrating all parts of ourselves. Having faith requires strength, and the power to hold on to that faith through the ups and downs of life…

Sometimes it feels like a maze….the journey to embracing ones power….sometimes you go round and round in circles….hit a dead end, feel like giving up, it’s pointless…but when you have personal power it will lift you up and beyond from that….so that you find the strength to continue on…regardless.

Personal power is sacred. No-one can take it from you…ever….it is connected to the Divine, to Grace, to Love, to Truth, to everything that is beautiful….it just is. Timeless…untouchable.

Embracing your personal power is life changing…it helps you stand tall when everything is crumbling around you…

Personal power is acknowledging your feelings, your thoughts, your actions, it is being honest with yourself, with others, about who you are and the life you are living and daily choices you make.

Personal power comes from saying “No more!”….No more will I be swayed so easily this way and that by the winds of change, or by anyone else’s words and actions…I will stand firm and acknowledge the truth of who I am in each moment – as uncomfortable as that may be…I will love and accept myself for who I am and for doing my best to be my best, and keep walking forward embracing the light and the darkness, on the journey that is my life.